"After backing up all my photos to my hard drive
it stopped working! All my photos lost.
Computer Mechanics was able to help me get
everything back."

-J. Brown
"After my holiday to the US I get home, plug my camera in and …
NO PHOTOS!... CM recovered everything in a couple of days
and now I can remember the good times in detail forever. Thanks!"

"I had tried everything and lost all hope but when I was getting
my PC fixed, I asked the question. The drive needed a
“physical” recovery, it was expensive but they could do what
many could not."

-B. Healy
"A life time of photos and videos was stored on my
hard drive and after 5 years it dies. Computer Mechanics
recovered EVERYTHING and helped me set up a
backup so it wont happen again!"

-D. Jones


Data Recovery Perth

Lost data is a common problem and lost photos can be a complete disaster. Our aim is to recover accidentally deleted or damaged images, files and data, whether it be on a memory card, USB stick or hard disk drive. Data Recovery Perth is a division of Computer Mechanics; a leading computer repair business. We send technicians out to your premises and also have a workshop in East Perth.

People assume that if their PC says the file is corrupt, the data is lost. That is almost never the case. Please spread the word! Lost or damaged files are recoverable almost all of the time! Computer Mechanics has significant experience performing data recovery on a number of different media. We have access to a very large range of tools including manufacturers’ software and we eventually find a way. This usually involves running through a number of software processes.

Sometimes the problem is that the index has become corrupted. A file index can be re-built and the photo or files recovered. In extreme situations we can remove a hard drive from its shell and send it to a clean room’ for detailed work. That option is expensive but in the rare instances we have been unable to get a result in the Data Recovery Perth workshop, it has yielded results.

Photo Recovery from Digital Cameras

Our success rate is high because we don’t give up easily. Recently we recovered 50 photographs taken at a baptism; they were the only shots taken of the event and the memory card in the camera was damaged. It’s satisfying work this; people are generally astonished to get their pictures back. We had a backpacker come in the other day who’d been travelling the world for 18 months and thought he’d lost all of his photos (imagine!). This was a quick job and he got all his shots back.

We can handle SD and xD Cards, mini and micro SD, SDHC, Compact Flash, MMC, regulation USB thumb drives; pretty much the lot. If you’ve accidentally erased or even formatted the disk, photos can still be recovered. Corrupted files can be repaired. Give Computer Mechanics a call on 9325 1196 for our professional data recovery services.

Data Recovery from Hard Drives

Data Recovery PerthComputer Mechanics also offers data recovery services for businesses and have restored a lot of documents. Not all files are backed up; even in a well-run company. Stand alone PCs or laptops often contain important information that is not on the network. As you probably know, a hard disk is a ticking time bomb if maintenance is not being done on it.

We use a range of Data Recovery software tools but we’re also a hardware workshop. Sometimes memory cards and pen drives have broken or stressed connectors or solder issues. We can usually fix these problems and we have heaps of experience with data that’s encountered liquids. You’re not the only person to ever drop a phone in the toilet.

Computer Mechanics are computer, laptop and notebook repair specialists based in Perth, Western Australia.